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About Sponsorships & Donations

The choir is a registered non-profit organisation. We aim to give equal opportunities to every chorister who sings in the choir. The choir also strives to include underprivileged children from all races, thus providing them with the opportunity to fully develop their talents and to help them fulfil their dream to sing. With the current financial situation in South Africa, it takes a lot of extra dedication, effort and sacrifice, but it is a rewarding and worthwhile cause. The choir currently consists of 62 choristers in the age group 14-24 years, drawn from schools and education institutions within Central- and Southern Gauteng, as well as the Northern Free State. Between 24 and 27 schools and educational institutions are represented in the choir during any given year. The choir is known not only for its exceptional voices and quality performances, but also for the friendship ties and bonds they create amongst each other. School-, language- and cultural boundaries simply fall away when they come together to form a united “family” with unique traditions established years ago.

Many of Colla Voce’s members come from previously disadvantaged communities and rely on sponsors and financial aid, and are not able to pay for the membership fees. These members don’t necessarily have their own transport and rely on public transport to travel to choir rehearsals and concerts. By providing funds for these disadvantaged members, Colla Voce Youth Choir can create a platform to enable these youth to develop their music skills.

Over and above fundraising campaigns, we have additional channels for people who want to get involved and support a worthy cause – see below for more details.

Donations can be made into the following account:

Bank: FNB
Account Name: Colla Voce Youth Choir
Account: 6268 871 2093
Branch: 250655
Reference: Colla Voce Travel Fund/Adopt A Colla/Colla Care Fund


How Can You Help

Our Projects

Apart form different smaller projects, Colla Voce has three permanent projects. These are:

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Adopt A Colla Fund

With this project, less privileged choristers are given the opportunity to become choir members through the financial support of alumni, parents and organisations. Membership fees are R450.00 per month for all choristers. And R5430.00 per year. By donating you will help one of our choristers to keep making music.

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Colla Travel Fund

We work especially hard to ensure that choristers get the opportunity to travel overseas to participate in international competitions. To this end, we have established a travel fund from which we cover as many of the travel costs as possible. By donating you can help our choir keep it’s international standards and stay known internationally.

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Collas Care Fund

The Collas Care projects is aimed at sharing the wonderful talents our choristers have received with less privileged groups who may otherwise never have the opportunity to hear the choir. Therefore, we undertake to do a minimum of 2 outreach concerts to organisations such as orphanages and retirement villages per year. Any donations are welcome.

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