Short CV

The Colla Voce Youth Choir has been performing since 1986 (initially as the Southern Transvaal Youth Choir), and we are proud to be known for our contribution to promote the love for choral singing and culture as one of the youth choirs in South Africa.

In 1996 the choir was privatised and the name was changed to Colla Voce Youth Choir.  "Colla Voce" was taken from the Italian language and means "with the voice".  Our conductor is Henk Barnard and our accompanist is Heidi Schoeman.  We feel blessed to have these two dedicated and highly talented people as mentors for the choristers of Colla Voce Youth Choir.

The choir is a registered non-profit organisation.  What makes Colla Voce exceptional is the love they have for one another, which crosses every possible barrier.  Wealth, physical ability, race, colour, gender and culture simply falls away, because of the mutual respect and care giving nature which is part of the heart of Colla Voce.  Parents and children and management are bound together by love and respect for one another.

Due to the fact that we see ourselves as a choir family we combine our energies and work incredibly hard to raise sufficient funds to assist our less fortunate choristers to accompany the choir on overseas tours.  This takes a lot of sacrifice, which parents and children and our wonderful sponsors give willingly in order to take the choir overseas.  Various sponsorship options are available, please contact us for more information.

During our most recent international tour (July 2013), the choir competed in the highly acclaimed International Eisteddfod at Llangollen, Wales, where 25 countries from all over the world were represented.  We obtained 3rd place in the section for Mixed Choirs, where we had to compete against adult choirs.  This is outstanding as we were the only youth choir competing in this section.

At the World Choir Games held in Tshwane in 2018, the choir was awarded with a silver medal!

The choir strives to make a difference not only in our country but also in the world, by spreading a message of hope and love and unity to every person whom they are privileged to sing for.  This choir sings to glorify the name of God!