Adopt a Colla

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The Adopt a Colla fund supports children of all races from underprivileged backgrounds, enabling them to sing in the Colla Voce Youth Choir. These are children whose financial situation often makes it impossible for them to even afford the travelling costs involved in attending practices.

We have a wonderful team of parents who help with the transportation of these choristers, without any compensation, but additional financial support is required to take care of other choir expenses.

Why we felt the need for the Adopt a Colla fund

All of these children truly deserve a chance to develop their talents.  They have excelled during the tough auditions they had to pass in order to become a member of this prestigious choir.  They are very talented youngsters, who truly deserve the support of our community to develop their special singing talent.  To enable and help them live their dream to sing, we decided to start the Adopt a Colla Fund.

Through this fund, we have so far succeeded in giving children not only the opportunity to participate, but also help to develop them as happy and responsible individuals, with hope for the future!  Feeling accepted, worthy and equal, and being exposed to a discipline such as choral singing amongst other children who also love to sing, also helps to make them feel whole and happy.

Happy children develop into happy and balanced individuals. Happy adult individuals help to create a happy environment for other children in South Africa, in an environment where race, culture, class and wealth play no role. Colla Voce gives them the experience of belonging and being equal, united by a mutual love for music, for each other and for their Creator.  

Colla Voce Youth Choir simply cannot achieve this goal on its own. We need people who care, people like you!

How the funds are distributed

All money donated is paid into the Adopt a Colla Fund and is used for the benefit of these choristers. Underprivileged choristers pay what they can afford towards their choir fees, because we need to teach our children from a tender age that in order to achieve your dreams, you have to make a commitment.  Most importantly, through contributing, they experience a sense of self-pride and achievement.  

Fee structure.jpg

We strive to give all choristers an equal opportunity to develop, but the running costs of a competitive choir is too high to do this without the help of other people to support us in this very worthy cause. Choir fees amount to R6000 annually, which includes registration, choir fees, the annual choir camp, etc.

How to participate

Get involved! It's a wonderful way to help the youth in our country to be part of something which will not only create a wonderful learning and development opportunity, but a way in which they can experience the love and caring of others. With your help they will also be granted the opportunity to develop into well balanced individuals with hope for the future, your heritage to the future of South Africa!  

There are various ways to contribute to the fund.  You can donate a once-off amount,  distribute fees over a 12-month period, or take complete financial responsibility for a specific choir member for a period of time.  To participate, please complete the form below:

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Please indicate to what extent you would like to contribute / get involved. Once-off and monthly donations will go into the choir's travel fund, whilst full sponsorship indicates taking financial responsibility for a chorister for a full year